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  1. Allie Great ideas keep up the good work. We are also doing the weekly chart of savings. We started at week 52 cause its easier. Plus…. since September we agree to put all five dollar bills in a jar, we put a rubber band around each 100 dollars, so far we have $595.00 just 1 more 5 dollar bill we’ve 600.00 dollars in fives. But a few times I came close to breaking a five. But we have an agreement no spending the fives. 

    Actually its fun and you never figured fives were that popular..lol

    Love your blogs and love you and your family. Plus be careful with that wood stove.. Aunt glenda

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    • We keep the change separated from the 52 Week Challenge. But some people may want to exchange the coins for cash at the bank & add to the 52 Week Challenge instead of depositing into a savings account. All of our change goes into savings.

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